Monday, December 19, 2011

let the writing begin

So I've started writing again and I've decided to post the first paragraph. So all helpful criticism is welcome. Don't be shy. Its not much but its a start.

The rain splashing on my roof woke me up. It was 5:00am. I had that dream again. I am running through a corridor, but there’s never an end. I just run and run. I don’t know why I’m running but it doesn’t stop me from running. When I think I can see the end of the corridor, an open door; i wake up and find myself lying in my bed.

The leak in my bedroom was at it again. I lay in bed imagining the cracks in the ceiling growing larger and bigger. They begin to look like large spiderwebs. I sometimes would wish that my roof would collapse and flood my small bedroom drowning me in a sea of rain water. I had spent a week out of school due to “flu”, but really I couldn’t handle my teacher who persisted to single me out in classes. I was out of excuses. Being invisible was more difficult then I had first perceived. I missed Janine most of all. She had yet to return to school after a falling out with the same teacher. Its been a month now. I know that without her there I have no one to protect me.