Friday, October 1, 2010

fun in the sun and all things nice

Its been a while since I last blogged and not much has changed. Today the weather was beautiful and I missioned to Tokai to see the 'African Vacation' Pro skateboarding tour.

Canadian Pro Sakters, Ryan Decenzo and Chris Haslam, as well as British Pro Skater Ben Raemers and local pro skater Jean-Marc Johannes performed a demo at Sports Unlimited in Tokia. Other than nearly passing out from the heat, the demo was mind blowing. The skate park was small and the crowd of fans and on-lookers did their best to cram into the space given to them.

Haslam, Decenzo, Raemers and Jean-marc did amazingly with the space they had available. Though the skater everyone came for was Chris Haslam, the rest did not disappoint. The demo was mostly filled with Raemers, Haslam and Decenzo skating, but when Jean-Marc was given the chance he brought his A game. Thank God for the Red Bull promo girls, or else I wouldn't have made it until the end. Definitely have a new appreciation for the skate community.

For more information about the Africa Vacation pro Skating tour and other skating news check out

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