Monday, November 22, 2010

Celebrating Idiocy

The world we live in today seems to only award the stupid while the sensible and rational people are left high and dry. People such as Paris Hilton and Britney Spears are renowned not because of their talents (I'm not even sure Paris has a talent) but because of their stupidity. Paris Hilton was a little known hotel heiress until the fateful day when her sex tape was leaked. Suddenly she became an international sensation. But for what? Worse of all they are role models. 

Sleeping around, doing drugs and being borderline retarded are not things to admire. Why TV shows, such as Jersey shore, are huge hits, is beyond me? I would be offended that some fat cat executive actually thought we would buy in to this, but the sad truth is we did. 

The entire cast of Jersey shore go to premiers and award ceremonies; they even appeared in Enrique Iglesias’s music video ‘I like it’, but what do they actually do? Other than getting paid to drink, fornicate (that's sex for those of you who enjoy this program) and make idiots of themselves on TV. I'm seriously contemplating becoming a hermit just so that I never have to hear what Snookie or Paris Hilton have to say about anything. For once I would like to see brains triumph over superficiality. 

It’s sexy to be smart, no matter what anyone else will try to tell you. I'd rather be a nerd then give up my intelligence to be considered sexy. Most people's view of sexy is so warped by the media.
The truth is people are intimidated when they encounter smart, beautiful women. I do not think anyone who degrades themselves for the amusement of others is sexy. I think people like Natalie Portman are beautiful. She cares about others and she is smart. That is sexy. That is something that should be admired.

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