Friday, May 6, 2011

Great and Mighty Eve

For once I am doing an article for Marie Claire that I'm very interested in... I will be interviewing Eve Ensler on Monday, 9 May! *does a little jig*

The activist and author of Vagina Monologues is in South Africa to promote for new book I am an emotional creature as well as start work on the play based on it. Eve Ensler is all about girl power and how women need to unleash their 'girl self' which has been restrained in our macho world.

I feel like a high school girl who is about to meet their favourite pop singer. Its also made me realise that the fashion world is not for me... so as of next month I will no longer be working for Marie Claire. Sad but true.

Look out for my interview of Eve Ensler on Monday!!!!


  1. Shes got some voice pipes! lol.

  2. Wow - I had no idea you were working for Marie Clare, or if I had, I'd forgotten. It's even better that you're now on the way out, that that's what you feel is best. I thought the interview in the next post was a transcript only - very well done. Here's to better things!