Wednesday, April 6, 2011

wanted: Best friend with lots of fashion incite to spare

So I’m officially engrossed with the world of working at a fashion magazine and can’t help but feel apprehensive. I’m not a fashionista and I feel shameful of this. I’ve been known to be too lazy to do my hair and make up and simply gone to the shops with a cap on and tracksuit pants. You’ll be lucky if I’m even wearing shoes. So now I’m changing my ways and studying up on the fashion world that is Cape Town. I’ve been relentlessly following all the fashion blogs I could find in hopes that their ways will rub off on me and that I’ll suddenly metamorph into a schmodel.

It’s more difficult then it looks. It involves lots of time on my hair and face, which is difficult because I usually try to avoid mirrors. Now I have to look in them all the time. And heels. God. The humanity of it all! At the moment I’ve not been wearing heels (naughty), but its because I waiter during the week and can’t see myself spending the entire evening on my feet when I’ve spent the entire day in heels. 

Mary kate and Ashley make it look so easy. I wish I had them on speed dial so they could give me endless advice on what to wear.


  1. There is nothing wrong with the natural look in tracksuit pants. lol.

  2. haha. no there isn't but people in fashion magazines usually shun such things